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Bodytherapy provides expert assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all physical conditions. Our belief is that you will receive all our attention during every consultation at Bodytherapy. Your time is our opportunity to help you.

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Senior Physiotherapist
Initial consultation
£ 53

In this consultation you will receive high level assessment and treatment from one of our senior physiotherapists.

The session duration is up to 45 minutes.

20% off initial consultation until 30/11/23
Specialist Physiotherapist
Standard assessment
£ 90
In this consultation you will meet one of our specialist physiotherapists where they will assess your condition and discuss management strategies in this 45 minutes session.


Specialist Physiotherapist
Specialist assessment and treatment
£ 128
You will recieve an expert assessment, we will discuss your management options, perform any appropriate treatment and supply exercises to help you improve, in this 60 minute consultation.


Our mission:

We deliver the best quality of care to bring people out of pain and maximise their potential.

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twenty percent off

Senior Physiotherapist Initial Consultations

Offer ends 30/11/23